Forever Green

Many customers who have aging decks believe their only option to is to replace a deck with a deck. Customers are attracted to the idea of newer weather resistant materials like composite decking but the price tag of composite materials leaves customers considering to replace what they want to get rid of with what they already have, pressure treated wood for pressure treated wood. We offer customers a superior product and a cost effective alternative with an elevated patio.

With this project we seen some things typical to this scenario. This customer had an aging deck that she wanted to replace but the cost of composite was prohibitive. In addition a paver landing area was installed by a previous contractor that almost interfered with the use of the yard having no design, a square layout, and an improper pitch that caused the area not only to be unusable as a patio but needlessly directed water towards an already saturated under-deck area.

We proposed an elevated patio with railings and a re-design of the existing pavers to include a contour design and a masonry planter.  The supporting wall eliminated the saturation of water and dampness buildup from under the deck and the choice of pavers over wood provided a conclusive and definitive solution to weathering the elements.  
We started by installing footings and constructing a masonry wall to support an elevated patio. Again in the classic Forever Green design we overlaid the masonry with a custom designed stucco and bullnose coping to blend seamlessly with the new paver patio. 
Rather than use a more expensive and overused application of interlocking wall stone, we put our masonry skills to work and were able to install an elevated patio for less than the price of a composite deck originally requested by the customer while keeping the design consistent and uniform.  
Our final product was a combination of form, function and aesthetics. We were able to install a clean, easily maintainable elevated paver patio and in the same time eliminated the problem of constant moisture and water buildup that collected under the old deck in addition to whatever animals sought refuge in the voids of the deck from year to year. 
Our paver choice was CST Roman Cobble in antique grey, laid in a random pattern with a 8' circle kit for accent and an 8 unit paver light system  The masonry wall was finished in a matching color premium stucco laid over wire mesh re-enforcement and capped with 9" bullnose pavers. 
We added a small sitting wall and a masonry planter for future landscaping to break off from a flat one dimensional typical paver layout.  In the end we helped transform this yard into a well designed backyard landscape that will endure the elements, add value to the home and will serve the customers needs for years to come. 
With the use of matching colored Belgian Block we were able to correct the pitch of the pavers to make a level and usable patio are. We added grey pavers to the existing pavers to pick up on the grey color laid on the elevated patio. With a new contour and herringbone pattern the previously laid pavers were corrected and enhanced to for better aesthics and function. 
Circle Kits provide a great accent piece as an architectural design feature. Every adjacent paver is cut to precision to the fit of the circle kit within the pattern layout.  
Vinyl Railings provide a clean, rich look while matching many already installed vinyl products. Second generation vinyl products don't yellow in the sun and require little if any cleaning. 
Elevated Paver Patio - A Viable Option
Landscape Construction & Design

 Wood Deck - 
Another One BItes the Dust (literaly)
Not only did this deck become unusable and unsafe, it served as a termite farm contaminating the substructure adjoining the house. Although the wood was treated, as was subsequent replacement decking, there was no end or viable solution to stave off the continuous flow off water that would become trapped and leave the underside saturated for weeks on end.    
The evidence of a wood product used for a deck or patio speaks for itself. Extensive termite damage that produced colonies of termites that found their way right to the sill plates of the adjoining home.  
Elevated patios begin with and end with masonry that diverts, deflects, and runs off water while remaining a material impervious to water damage & continued degradation. There is ZERO percent probability for termite infestation as masonry materials are have no ability to be utilized by termites thus eliminating the fact they can be compromised or serve as a launching platform to adjoining wood structures. 

Between a main table, umbrella, & serving table, a patio can quickly run out of space scattering a bbq throughout the yard with makeshift seating.   Brick masonry benches provide additional seating to a patio on the outer areas that can't otherwise be used in any practicality. Each bench can seat 3-4 adults comfortably and. Thats an additional 6-8 seating arrangement that doesn't compromise the main patio area usage. In addition to a standard 8 person patio table, this patio can now seat 14-16 guests. 

The brick masonry planters provide for an opportunity to install small ornamental trees for shade complimenting patio shade structures while enhancing the look and design and softening the masonry & surrounding hardscapes.