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Belgian Block Borders

One thing customers will notice about our portfolio of pavers is the consistent use of Belgian Block borders. Belgian Block allows us the liberty of doing what is not possible with the default plastic borders provided by the manufacturer. Plastic borders require the surrounding ground to lock in the pavers. When the ground is unlevel or at a pitch, plastic borders dictate that the pavers follow the same pitch and level of the ground. Installing a patio on un-level ground is not possible with plastic borders. Belgian Block allows for the compensation of the ground anywhere from 4-10" absent the need to construct costly retaining walls for a rather small application. 

Proper Application 

Because plastic borders require to be at the same level with the ground often times walkways and patios end up being installed much lower than surround bed and lawn areas leaving a continuous flow of mulch, leaves and yard debris falling onto the patio or walkway. Homeowners find themselves consistently sweeping off mulch and leaves when pavers are set lower the beds. By using Belgian Block we can elevate the walkway or patio above the bed areas or provide a definitive border from the bed areas. This helps keeps walks and patios clean and allows homeowners to clean off their walks and patios sending debris off and over the side pavers areas for good. Belgian Block also allows for beautify contours while keeping the walkway or patio level or at the desired pitch uniformly throughout the coverage. 

             Lasting Integrity 

An interlocking paver walkway, patio or driveway is a dry laid system. The integrity of that system is directly contingent upon its borders to lock the pavers and base materials in place. The durability  of plastic borders as a lock to the pavers and base materials is exclusively dependent upon the surrounding ground. Because the ground consistently shifts, plastic borders shift and displace  leaving the pavers to separate and open where as a they will ultimately fail. By using Belgian Block set in cement the borders are impervious to shifting allowing the borders to stay intact and the integrity of the paver walk or patio to remain sound. 

Drainage and Water Run Off 

Setting the paver areas higher than the surrounding ground ensures the proper run off of water and eliminates standing pools or water, moisture and mildew buildup that occurs with some paver areas trapped at ground level with no where for the water to run to but remain on top of the paver area itself. 

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