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Landscape Construction & Design
One of the most underutilized aspects to a comprehensive landscape design is lighting and illumination. Simple lighting set ups provide for the continued enjoyment of landscaping, patios and walkways throughout the night where normally they become darkened silhouettes having their immediate value limited to daylight.  

For many homeowners lighting becomes an afterthought. The inherent problem with that is enduring the expense of disassembling perviously installed work to run the wiring and components necessary for a landscape lighting system. 

Landscape lighting runs as "low voltage" lighting meaning that it is safe in all weather and doesn't require a licensed electrician for its installation. It is a plug in system allowing for the system to be operable by plugging into existing exterior 120 V standard electrical sockets. The lights operate on a timer and can be programmed for dawn to dusk operation. 

The system is easily installable while structures are under original construction, by running low voltage wiring under pavers in the sub base material and behind walls and structures accordingly. The lights are easy to access and the bulbs change out with a typical auto brake light bulb. 

We encourage our customers to strongly consider landscape lighting with the installation of their driveways, patios, walkways, and landscape designs.