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It is very common to find older homes with detached garages. Often times those garages were built on older building codes absent modern building materials and common knowledge that is a standard in todays construction methods. 

Many of these detached garages were built with the frames extending to the ground sitting directly upon the concrete pad on which the garage rests. The framing typically sits upon a large diameter wood sill. Some of these sills are treated, some aren't. By today's standards we know this is a fatal flaw as wood framing sitting on or near the ground is an invitation to trouble. 

It is just a matter of time before the wood frame and sills: rot out, become infested with termites, structurally fail and permit the garage to become a continuous permeable  factor to the elements leaving homeowners with water infiltration, mold and mildew, animal nests and a laundry list of ruined items or items that can't be stored or placed in their garage. 

Often times these detached garages structurally remain relatively sound but are useless due to the constant infiltration of water and the elements. Not only can a new garage become quite costly but a new garage requires a drawing and a homeowner may have to overcome permit and zoning issues to have that approved. It can be a long and expensive process. To many homeowners with an array of expenses the cost of a new garage to store a motorcycle and a few boxes isn't easily justified. 

We've created a comprehensive solution to this problem. We first start by  evaluating the integrity of the garage as a whole.   Where and when the majority of the garage is sound, we brace the structure and remove the walls one by one. We install two levels of masonry block backfilled with concrete upon the existing platform and footings until all sides have a masonry block base. We install pressure treated sills accordingly to current building codes. We cut the existing frame of the garage and add new 2x4's to each frame member to fit exactly onto the new base. The walls are shored up with plywood where needed and the garage can be sided accordingly. 

By using this process we provide a cost effective alternative to building a new garage that avoids the red tape of drawings, permits and zoning issues. Since it is considered a "repair" to an existing structure the permit requirements are minimal but the benefits are substantial. For half the cost of building a new garage customers now have a dry , sturdy, and secure garage they can use as their garage was intended to be used. They can store their motorcycles, Rv's and personal effects free from the unending infiltration of water, mildew and mold.  

Garage Repair- a cost effective solution