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Thank you for visiting Forever Green Landscape Construction and Design and demonstrating  an interest in our services. Forever Green was founded in 1991 with very little money, a few hand tools from my garage, two summers of work experience and a lot of ambition. For over twenty years I have been serving customers in the New Jersey landscaping and construction industry. In 1995, I was trained as a professional tree climber and operated Forever Green as a full-scale tree and landscape service for ten years. Over those years I have adopted many skills and trades, growing my business capacity, offering customers a wide range of complete outdoor services. An emphasis was placed on being a leader in the growing and ever expanding area of landscape construction, utilizing and incorporating the latest materials and time honored masonic trades into our designs. We continue to be a leading company in the areas  of landscape construction and design and continue to serve our customers proudly as I first intended over twenty years ago. 


As alumni, holding a bachelors degree in criminal justice, from the reknown - John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, the study of criminology has produced both practical and applicable lessons. The primary importance of security cannot be over-emphasized and the fundamental risks homeowners take inviting unknown people to their home, in and around their family to undergo a home improvement project, cannot be over-estimated.   

The FBI Uniform Crime Reports indicates  in 2009 there were 181,097 property crimes in the state of New Jersey and 37,262 burglaries. In most instances of burglary, criminals surveil the potential target home. Many of those instances occur by means of working along with and or posing as legitimate home improvement contractors. NJ homeowners have historically been the unfortunate victims of several high profile crimes at the hands of criminals simultaneously operating as home improvement contractors. 

With Forever Green, customers have the peace of mind in knowing that their home security is not an afterthought but a priority. Employees brought on by Forever Green represent an extension of our operation and reputation and are not selected haphazardly. Through my educational background, I am thoroughly familiar with the  risks random employees or suspect characters produce and emphasize the integrity of anyone employed or placed at job-sites.  


Many companies make claims about being reputable and sadly at times it is backed up by little more than a clever looking business card or flyer. It is common knowledge in the industry that  even some of the home improvement contractors themselves have very suspect backgrounds and have conducted business in the past in an unethical or illegal fashion. Homeowners who have been swept in with big promises and favorable pricing, often times find themselves with incomplete jobs, piles of debris abadoned on job-sites, pallets full of unassembled material and out thousands of dollars for simply wanting to undergo a well intentioned home improvement project. 

For homeowners it is difficult  to know who to trust. Even the most legitimate looking home improvement contractors could prove to be the most unsuspecting.  New Jersey's home improvement contractor licensing program fails to tell the whole story of many contractors who skirt the edge of legitimacy and engage in shady business practices. Having a criminal history does not prohibit a person from becoming a home improvement contractor in the state of New Jersey, even if that history includes a felony conviction.  Prior felons who wish to become home improvement contractors are evaluated on a case by case basis and may obtain licensing in the state of New Jersey, as evidenced by the Division of Consumer Affairs Home Improvement Contractors Application Process: 

New Jersey Contractor's Registration Act- Frequently Asked Question: #27  

" If I was convicted of a crime in the past am I ineligible to become registered? : Answer: Not Necessarily. No individual will be disqualified from registration or have his or her registration revoked on the basis of any conviction if that person can demonstrate to the Division clear and convincing evidence of that person's rehabilitation. 

Criminal convictions can constitute a whole host of disturbing behavior and personalities incompatible with a customer's home and family. Leaving the discretion of who is and who isn't a "rehabilitated felon" to the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs, presents obvious challenges and limitations. Few homeowners (if any) will ever conduct a background check on their contractors. Most will take a good faith gamble allowing their instinct and intution to steer their decisions.

Our license under Forever Green, as a New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor, is uninterrupted and unblemished. As President of Forever Green, I can proudly say that my background is free from any record of arrest or criminal conviction as is documented by public record and available upon request. As a veteran and proud serving member of the US armed forces in the United States Naval Reserve, I am subject to a higher standard of accountability for my actions both in and out of uniform. As a Navy Master-At-Arms and member of the Navy's security forces, I have an ongoing obligation to maintain the required background built upon honesty, trust, and personal integrity. Engaging in illegal or unethical trade practices that often form the basis of many home owner's civil complaints against contractors is simply not an option. Our jobs are completed in a strict start -to- finish completion policy that follows the wording and the outline of the contract provided. 

Fearing the integrity of a contractor and their employees is an unnecessary distraction. A homeowner's focus should be how best to enhance their property, not how best to protect their property from those who propose to enhance it. Working with Forever Green, customers will know that our reputation as an honest, legitimate and lawful business is backed by provable fact and documentation. Customers will know and understand our commitment to legitimate business begins with the presentation of tightly worded, specified contracts that serve to eliminate doubt, uncertainty, guess work and assumption protecting all parties involved. We look forward to writing a contract for you and getting underway with your home improvement project. On behalf of Forever Green I thank you for your interest in our company's services.